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Desk Flags

Desk Flags Compliment Your Company Image -- FlagPro Desk Sets with our exclusive Logo Base© lets you double your exposure with CO-OP advertising and are extremely popular desk or countertop advertising specialties that really compliment a company’s image. By utilizing our specially designed Dual Flag Base, a company is able to fly two flags at once: perhaps a company or team flag and American or state flag displayed side-by-side. Add our exclusive Logo Disk© for additional Co-op or advertising space. The Firm Flag feature stiffens the flag without draping. Our Firm Flags Stand at Attention to Catch More Attention!
Desk Flag Desk Set
Desk Flag Desk Set
Desk Flag Desk Set
Stiff Flag Desk Set
Stiff Flag Desk Set
Stiff Flag Desk Set
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All our flags are 100% polyester
Item # Description 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 +
DS-46 Flag 4”x6” w/ 10” Pole, Spearhead, & Base 3.90 3.70 3.50 3.30 call for special prices
DS-68 Flag 6”x8” w/ 14” Pole, Spearhead, & Base 4.50 4.30 4.10 3.90 call for special prices
DS-246 2 Flags 4”x6” w/ 10” Poles, Spearhead, & Base 5.90 5.70 5.40 4.90 call for special prices
DS-268 2 Flags 4”x6” w/ 10” Poles, Spearhead, & Base 6.50 6.20 5.90 5.40 Call for Special Prices
DSMW-46 Flag 4"x6" w/ 10" Pole, 1 sided Logo Disk & Base 4.40 4.00 3.80 3.60 Call for Special Prices
DSMW-68 Flag 6"x8" w/ 14" Pole, 1 sided Logo Disk & Base 5.10 4.60 4.40 4.20 Call for Special Prices
DS-46S Stiff Flag 4”x6” w/ 2 sided imprint, Pole, Spearhead, & Base 5.10 4.70 4.50 4.30 call for special prices
DS-68S Stiff Flag 6"x8" w/ 2 sided imprint, Pole, Spearhead & Base 5.70 5.30 5.10 4.90 Call for Special Prices
DSMW-46S Stiff Flag 4”x6” w/ 2 sided imprint, Pole, Logo Disk, & Base 5.40 5.00 4.80 4.60 call for special prices
DSMW-68S Stiff Flag 6”x8” w/ 2 sided imprint, Pole, Logo Disk, & Base 6.10 5.60 5.40 5.20 call for special prices
Each additional color on flag .20/v .18/v .15/v .12/v Call for Special Prices
Second side imprint on Magic Wand Logo Disk (2 colors) .20/v .18/v .14/v .12/v Call for Special Prices
Imprint on Desk Base (2 colors) - imprint area 5/8"x2" .22v .20v .16v .15v Call for Special Prices
*Set-up charge $40/v per color - Prod. time 18-23 days - FOB Chicago